Join the Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistants

ra_tinaOur research depends in great part on the involvement of our undergraduate research assistants. Research is a fabulous experience for students, especially if you are wanting to pursue graduate school in the future (or even if you just have a love for psychology and child development!) RAs have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of research: generating interesting ideas that spark new projects, developing study designs, creating stimuli, recruiting participants, running study sessions, coding, entering data, and providing childcare. Because our RAs are active in so many parts of our research, we prefer RAs who are interested in working for multiple terms. We also prefer RAs who have completed Psychology 303 Research Methods, but this is not a strict requirement. RAs can volunteer or do research for credit. For credits, RAs can work 6 hours a week (for 2 credits) or 9 hours a week (for 3 credits). RAs attend weekly 1-hour lab meetings and have a set calling time each week, and then the rest of their duties (e.g., coding or running participants) can be worked around their class/work schedules – so we are very flexible with scheduling your lab time! If you are interested in joining our lab as an RA, please email the lab coordinator at


Honors Students

As part of the honor’s program within the Psychology Department, some students design, carry out, and write up their own research projects. The process of completing these projects gives students excellent experience that can help them a great deal as they pursue graduate programs or jobs after graduation. Dr. Baldwin has served as thesis advisor for many students, and honors students in the lab have been able to work with adults, children, and even infants for their thesis research. If you are interested in joining the lab as an honor’s student, please send an email to Dr. Baldwin at She will contact you to discuss the fit of your research interests with her own and to set an appropriate timeline.


Graduate Students

posterThe University of Oregon’s graduate program welcomes you to apply. Applications are typically due in December for starting the following autumn term. Please review the psychology department’s website at for more information. If you are interested in having Dr. Baldwin as your graduate advisor, please send her an email at to discuss the fit of your research interests with her own and to see if she will be looking for students for the next admission deadline.