Want to participate in our research?

Please follow the link at the bottom or call us at (541) 346-1987.

All of our studies are designed to be fun for the children and infants who participate in them. Participation is easy! In most studies, children and infants get to play with new toys, learn new games, or watch short video clips. Parents are always able to stay in the room with their children as they participate, and are free to take breaks, ask questions, or end the session at any point if they wish to. Families who come in to participate in research are able to park right in the front of the building in free, reserved spaces. We offer free childcare for any brother or sisters who come along, and we’re happy to have one or both parents come along and observe. Study visits usually last around an hour, but parents and children are free to take breaks or end the visit as they wish.

We run research studies year-round and always love to have more children visit our lab. As a thank you, kids will even get to pick out either a t-shirt or a children’s book for coming in to see us!

To sign up to hear about opportunities to participate in our research, enter your information on the Team Duckling website: http://teamduckling.uoregon.edu/37-2/